GRADE is present at the Food, Beverage & Chef (FBC) Festival 2021 event on December 3-5 2021 at De Tjolomadoe, Solo. Culinary SMEs in Central Java-DIY and its surroundings can obtain environmentally friendly paper packaging products as well as consulting on product applications to develop their culinary business. There are also baking demos, free gifts and product discounts of up to 30% during the exhibition.

“At the FBC Festival Solo exhibition, culinary SMEs such as bakery and other culinary entrepreneurs can see firsthand the use of Cake Case & Doilies Paper products applied to food. And also get environmentally friendly paper bags to package and promote their sales. MSMEs can directly consult with Grade to determine the right product and size for their business,” said Shodiqin, Manager of the Division Paper Packaging PT Maesindo Indonesia.

Paper packaging is currently the choice of MSMEs. In addition to carrying the concept of being environmentally friendly, paper packaging can also add to the elegant impression of the products being sold. “I’ve been using Grade for two years, the shape of the doilies is good, not sticky. The cake case is also easy to remove, oil resistant, the size is just right,” said Indri, a pastry entrepreneur from Solo.

The enthusiasm of MSMEs is very high to get GRADE products during the FBC Festival Solo. The visit for 3 days reached 500 people with a total transaction of up to IDR 250,000,000, dominated by bread & cake entrepreneurs, cake ingredient shops and packaging shops. The trend of using paper products will never go away along with the government’s campaign to reduce the use of single-use plastic products.