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GRADE is a brand from MAESINDO INDONESIA which is well known in Indonesia as a brand of disposable paper products for bakers and entrepreneurs in the culinary, hotel, catering and restaurant business. The specifications of food-contact paper materials and combined with special treatment on paper make the product be the right choice for users to feel the perfect baking & decorating sensation.

Not only for domestic needs, GRADE products have been exported to almost 5 continents around the world and applies the international standards for The GRADE name is to describe the quality. Paper products that are food-grade, which is safe for food, so the name GRADE feels appropriate and easy to remember.

Produced by Maesindo Indonesia, GRADE uses selected paper developed exclusively with a paper mill accompanied by special characters to let the users are easy and feel safe during use. With a capacity of up to 50 TEUs per month, GRADE is able to provide quality products for domestic and foreign needs.


Worthy Of Trust

We are a professional paper packaging manufacturer, serves more than 150 clients in 70 countries.

Eco Friendly Products

Our products are made from sustainable, compostable, recycleable and upcycled materials.

Global Marketing

80% of our products were exported to more than 70 countries in Australia, Asia, America and European markets.

Happy Customer

We take an individual approach to satisfy any requirements our clients might have and to comply with all regulations.

Testimony Pengguna GRADE

Apa kata mereka?


Produk GRADE jika dilihat dari sisi kualitas kertasnya tebal, lalu ketika dipakai aman dan tidak luntur. Saya juga mengenalkan produk-produk GRADE melalui koperasi baking kami yang menjual bahan dan alat baking.

Ibu Ika

Ketua Baking Lovers Lawang


Pertama kali mencoba produk GRADE. Bahannya lebih tebal, aman dan higienis. Rencana ingin coba untuk usaha pizza dan kue saya.

Ibu Sisilia

Pemilik UMKM


Acara ini juga memperkuat mengenai pengurangan penggunaan kantong plastik di pasar CitraLand Surabaya, yang di support Kantong GRADE ini.

Lauw Hendra

Associate Director Ciputra Group

We Are Since 1995s GRADE History

GRADE's product started with a paper chef's hat. Seeing the potential in the Ho-Re-Ca business, especially in baking accessories, GRADE expanded its wings to become a supplier of Baking Cups & Doilies Paper for the European market.
Some of our products do feature a recycled component, while others are made of 100% virgin material. The choice of which is used depends on the structural requirements for each product to ensure it performs at the required level and is fit for purpose. Please enquire regarding a specific product you would like more information on.
Special treatment on paper materials, production processes with the latest technology machines and quality responsibility with certifications are the efforts to boost long-term business relationships.